In early September, Can4Culture organized the 5th Canada-China Cultural Dialogue in Beijing and Dunhuang. 23 delegates from across Canada participated in this Dialogue to explore the theme of Innovation: Cultural Ingenuity.

Through this Dialogue, Can4Culture was successful in

  • introducing Canadian museum directors to Chinese counterparts paving the way for the signing of MOUs on exchanges between Canada and China on arts and cultural and intangible heritage programming;
  • helping to promote exchanges of Canadian and Chinese arts and culture;
  • introducing a Canadian medical care program delivery;
  • assisting in the negotiations and liaison for a possible new teachers / education exchange program to be driven by Canadian Geographic;
  • facilitating, in partnership with the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, discussions regarding a possible new television program and Canadian Geographic magazine on heritage sites of Canada and China. (This program will be spearheaded by the Honourable Sheila Copps. Can4Culture supported and assisted in the initial face-to-face meetings with CCTV and on-site exploration for shooting possibilities such as the Danxi Heritage site and other sites in China);
  • facilitating the presence of Canadian Geographic in China for future possible exchanges on publications on Canadian landscapes in China and Chinese landscapes in Canada, such as enabling them to do on-site photography of cultural heritage sites on this occasion;
  • facilitating a meeting of key delegates with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) that helped pave the way for the signing of a MOU between the Canadian Museums Association and the Chinese Museums Association. 

The location of Dunhuang was particularly interesting for delegates since it is a landmark along the Silk Road, is known for its vast rich cultural heritage and is a place of inspiration for great exchanges.